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Once apon a time in the year 1967 i was born and the desaster began ;-)

In the 70's my career started as a normal cb-guy but had only 2 years duration.

After nearly 10 years of nothing with radio (i had enough to do to play waterpolo & swimming on long tracks) my virus came out in 1984 so i bought a Kenwood R-600 from my 1st self earned money. In december 1989 i got my 1st licence which was on this time the lowest class in DL.and i was the proud holder of DG1JL. After some years in VHF-DXing on 144MHz there was no horizont to get faster new squares so i decided to learn cw and it was crownd by a new callsign which is until yet DH6JL. This callsign is owned by me since january 1994 up to now.

In the moment i am enjoying dxing & contesting on the "new" qth of mine which i had bought from a good friend of mine (DJ6HU) before he died at the cause of a long and painfull desease. I am member of the Rhein-Ruhr-DX-Association and also of the VHF-Contest-Crew DF0MU (JO32PC)

By the way i forgot to tell you where i am living...........                                                  Velbert lies in the middle of a triangle between the cities Essen, Wuppertal & Duesseldorf near by the old steel and coal area of germany which is called RUHRGEBIET in the middle western part of Germany.
The worldwide Mercator Locator  is JO31NI 37px .